Friday, October 13, 2006

Time to Think

Sometimes I think that I could quite happily study forever. I have decided that I should be starting a list (I like lists) of things about which I would like to read more. Not necessarily things that are cutting-edge, brand-new, or even about which I am totally ignorant - just things about which I would like to learn more. I might start to include 'off-topic' (non-information profession) items as well (ooh, the only thing I like better than lists are categorised lists! so sad, isn't it?).

So here's a starter (I'm not introducing categorisation at this point!) and I will stick the date at the end of the item so that new additions are more obvious:
  • complex systems and the management of knowledge within them (13/10/06)
  • storytelling as a method for conveying knowledge (13/10/06)
  • other Web 2.0 technologies (e.g. del.ici.ous; flickr) (13/10/06)
  • knowledge retention in redundancy situations (13/10/06)
  • effective presentation and communication skills (13/10/06)

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