Thursday, June 07, 2007

Why does someone always have to spoil the fun?

So, I have, for the first time, experienced an annoying side-effect of having a publicly accessible blog today…spam. It was a thinly veiled plug for a service that had little to do with the subject of the posting (nothing offensive but not welcome either) so I have deleted it.

It’s too bad…I really enjoy reading people’s responses to my entries…someone’s always got to spoil the fun.

Anyway, I have basically taken a month off from posting (and other chartership work) so it’s back at it.


Katharine said...

I just saw this post - I havn't had any spam as of yet- I'm not even sure how spam could happen on a blog, but the blog builder that I use has an anti spam question that I think comment posters have to answer before they can comment.
What kind of spam was it? Advertising or just rubbish?

David Bruce said...

I think that your anti-spam question is a good feature - prevents a programme from posting anything. The spam that I plucked off of my site was a comment along the lines of "Hey, this software was really great. You can download it from here [url]. Check it out, it's really great". So nothing particularly offensive about it but not welcome either.