Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Building your portfolio – Representatives from the Career Development Group

This session was a little like the Chartership and Beyond session that I attended in Lewisham a few months ago. It reinforced the importance of quality over quantity when assembling your portfolio and emphasized the need for evaluation in the written statement (what did you gain?, what did you enjoy?, what will you do differently?, what benefit was there for you and for your employer?)

In addition, there were some handy tips:
  • use the application as a checklist to ensure that all elements of the application are ready and included
  • use the CV as much as you can as it doesn’t have a word restriction
  • be constructively critical in the written statement – it needs interpretation and analysis, must show awareness of wider community, and demonstrate CPD
  • get a proof-reader
  • bind it securely (e.g. comb binding)
This was a useful session as I find the whole gauntlet that we are running a little confusing at times – it served to reassure me that I am aware of all of the aspects of this submission.


RC said...

Hi David

I am currently Liaison Librarian for Health, at Keele, after spending two years at Hope Hospital, Salford.

I am interested to hear your comments about chartership. I also find the whole thing rather confusing. I am for instance not sure that the vogue for organizing evidence on the contents page into professional development and personal progression is that helpful: surely they are one in the same. I am organizing my contents page in terms of themes, e.g. management skills, communication skills (as also advised by my mentor).

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts, as a fellow chartership candidate, on this!

Kind regards

Rachel Gick

RC said...

Sorry David (et al), for 'hear', read 'read'!

It is late though ...