Monday, November 13, 2006

Bye bye Bloglines, hello Blogger (beta)

Hooray! After a little research, I found that Blogger's beta version not only let's me update posts without altering their posting date but it will:
  • let me set the posting date (so I can restore the original posting order and dates)
  • allow me to create, assign and alter labels for individual postings
  • let me restrict the readership of the blog to a list of invited guests
This is a big improvement and I have already started playing around with the labels function. It also lets me set a template for my postings so that I can make sure that they all follow the same standards without having to remember the settings.

So much better...

Having said that, I still rate Bloglines as an RSS aggregator - it just isn't as functional as I would like on the Blog front.

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