Thursday, November 16, 2006

PPDP-specific notes from November mentoring meeting

Coming out of my recent meeting with Karen, there are a few PPDP-specific things that I need to do / remember.

First, I need to add a few things under Training and Development Need:
  • negotiation skills
  • marketing skills
  • industry-specific familiarisation course that I’m due to attend later this month
Second, I need to be open-minded about what my proposed actions can be. They can include:
  • courses (the obvious starting point)
  • gaining experience in a particular skill
  • reading about a particular discipline or skill set
  • having conversations with people on specific topics
Finally, I need to set up my training log. If the PPDP is the theory, the training log is the practice. There isn’t really a great deal of format exerted on this log by the Chartership committee but it needs to complement the PPDP. I think that I will record my entries in this blog and tag them appropriately to identify them as being a Training Log entry. Each entry will be in response to a particular activity specified in the PPDP (some activities are longer-term ones and will end up with multiple entries against them, others (like courses) will be fixed-term activities and only have one entry against them. My proposed structure for each entry is:
  • Activity Objectives
  • Outcomes
  • Benefits Derived
  • Reflection and Analysis
I think that’s it for now. Next week I hope to spend a bit of time on my draft PPDP and given that one of the activities that will be on it is a course that I’m doing later next week, I guess I’ll be starting that Training Log not long after!

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