Friday, December 29, 2006

Learning from the Intranet

Our Intranet is not the best organised. It can be a little tricky finding some things (like the expense claim form…no, not under procurement… no, not under finance…no, not even under forms…there it is, under HR - ?). Each department has its own section and once you get accustomed to the menu and sub-menu relationship, it is possible to learn a lot about the different functions of the company.

My wider understanding of the different teams and their functions has already started to benefit me when I attend organisation-wide meetings (to better understand different people’s perspectives on a situation) and will no doubt prove invaluable going forward as I better understand their priorities and obstacles when it comes time to gain support for initiatives. Clearly, this relationship can’t be based entirely on what I have read on the Intranet, but it has certainly provided me with an excellent starting point.

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