Monday, January 15, 2007

Hello 2007

It has been over a month since I last posted an entry here. Since then, I have been in Canada for a few weeks relaxing with my family. In fact, truth be told, I haven’t been as active on the Chartership front as I would have liked since my daughter was born. It’s like we’ve entered this new dimension where time passes at incomprehensible speeds (except in the middle of the night when she just won’t go to sleep). I have been doing a little reading and concentrating on things at work.

However, it is now time to get back at it. I need to polish up my Personal Professional Development Plan (PPDP) - actually, it currently consists of a bunch of hand-written notes so actually needs typing up – as Karen (mentor) is not-so-subtly hinting that she’d like to have a look at it. Fair request given I was supposed to have sent over a draft earlier this week.

I also need to sit down and go through all of my files on my home PC for the portfolio. This task has become urgent as the home PC fell over a couple of days ago for the third time in the last year. I keep fixing it and we keep limping along but this time there’s been a hard-disk corruption. Oh dear – I think that it’s time for a new one. I’ve had this laptop for six years so there are a few things that are antiquated about it (e.g. only has USB 1.1 ports and boy are they ever slow). Anyway, I’ve managed to prop it back up again at least enough that I will be able to get what few files are still on the hard drive backed up (about a year ago I started storing files on an external hard drive). A good opportunity to sort through things presents itself…

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