Friday, January 26, 2007

January mentoring meeting

My mentor and I met again yesterday. We seem to be meeting every two months despite originally planning to meet monthly. This isn't proving to be a problem but there are a couple of things that need to get done that are coming up so we will probably use all of those monthly meetings in the coming months.

We reviewed my draft Personal Professional Development Plan (PPDP) draft and discussed a couple of the gaps in it and how best to fill them. There weren't too many gaps; worryingly, ethics was one of them. The other gaps were around a lack of engagement with the profession. I think that my activities are a little thin on the ground here because I am one of those information professionals who works in isolation from others (in my case, I am surrounded by engineers...lunch time briefings and information discussions usually focus on things like the use of hydrogen fuel cells for heavy transport rather than library-related issues). So we have agreed a few actions to move the PPDP forward and to address some of the gaps:

Action: D - put PPDP draft contents into CILIP template
Action: D - create a parallel PPDP document containing after-the-fact analysis
Action: D - start work on long-term training plan
Action: D - make a list of libraries I'd like to visit and make some cold calls
Action: K - contact some colleagues regarding potential visits for me to follow up
Action: D&K - prepare for discussion on ethics at next meeting

And that's it...I am going to try to get the content transferred into the CILIP template today given it's a bit of a copy/paste job - perfect for a Friday afternoon!

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